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#ImagineTheFuture: Everyone, Everywhere

by Andrew Higham

Climate action, and the change makers that take that action, are everywhere and everyone: ubiquitous. They are indigenous peoples who preserve their heritage, culture and traditional practices and care for land. They are the grandparents who instil values and memory of environmental integrity in our children. They are parents who are concerned about the world their kids are inheriting. They are the children who hold us all to account, as the inheritors of our making and the truthsayers who have yet to be caught up in the machine that perpetuates the destruction of the planet, but who also share their creative spirit and bring a can do attitude with solutions and ideas for change. They are leaders, community, political, corporate and investors, who know the consequences if we don’t act in line with the climate emergency we are living and causing.

We are all climate change makers. It’s incomprehensible that anyone would stand in the way of climate action.

We have universalized action in all sectors of the economy and segments of society. We no longer measure the % of adoption, we measure the % of implementation and celebrate the exponential change that has been unleashed. Progress towards ‘net zero’ globally, and the other indicators of success such as the phase out of the internal combustion engine, or the generation of 100% renewable energy, are recorded much earlier than previously imagined.