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Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5ºC: The Decisive Decade

This report by Climate Strategies, released in April 2021, examines and distils the key findings in 10 recent influential reports - providing a valuable one-stop resource highlighting the most effective, science-backed approaches to reducing emissions.

Download a copy of the report here.

The world entered the 2020s with greater commitment, potential and public support for climate action than ever before - the challenge this decade is to rapidly harness that promise into a sustained descent of greenhouse gas emissions.

The climate action needed to halve emissions this decade, and get on a safe track to net zero emissions by 2050, calls for $1 trillion per year in investment. While the amount is significant, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that countries can take swift political action and quickly mobilise resources in the face of a global crisis. Political leaders should seize the opportunity to place climate action at the heart of their recovery plans.

Joyashree Roy, the report’s lead author and professor at the Asian Institute of Technology’s Sustainable Energy Programme and Jadavpur University’s Department of Economics, said: “It is a matter of choice in this decisive decade of 2021-2030 to initiate actions in all six sensitive sectors across all countries. Finance, policy and global partnerships are the key levers. Only if we do so, we can trigger the fundamental and exponential change needed to preserve our own lives and livelihoods – and those of future generations.”