The Imaginarium

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How to get involved

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    Get together

    Call your friends, family or colleagues together (online or in person) and talk about the world you’d like to live in. You can discuss the future of Education, Food, Transport, Cities, your organisation ... whatever feels important to you. Use our facilitator’s toolkit to guide you.

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    Be creative!

    Write down or draw a picture of your vision of the future on a piece of paper

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    Share what you've done

    Share what you’ve created on social media using the hashtag #ImagineTheFuture - or upload your visions via this page using the ‘share resources’ button. We’ll highlight the most imaginative and inspiring examples in this imaginarium.

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    Use our resources

    Under the resources tab below you’ll find some tools to get you started. These include a set of reflective questions to contemplate alone or with a friend, a letter writing exercise, and a sample agenda with facilitators notes for holding an #ImagineTheFuture conversation with colleagues.

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Alora Young - Nashville's Youth Poet Laureate 2020
Alora Young - The Dandelions
Kae Tempest
Kae Tempest's Future Visions of Our Planet
Mission 2020 | Xiye Bastida
Imagine the Future
Financial Times
Climate change: a cry from the future
by Isabel Cavelier
#ImagineTheFuture: The Climate Community Becomes Atomized & Nurtures Regenerative Communities
by Dean Bialek
#ImagineTheFuture: We keep it in the ground
by Todd Edwards
#ImagineTheFuture: The Economic Realization
by Sue Reid
#ImagineTheFuture: Money Movers
by Andrea Guerrero
#ImagineTheFuture: One big team
by Andrew Higham
#ImagineTheFuture: Everyone, Everywhere
TED Talks | Tom Rivett-Carnac
How to shift your mindset and choose your future
Grantham Institute and Tech Foresight
The World in 2050
Global Optimism
The Future We Choose
Aurora Levins Morales
V'ahavta - Keep imagining
Kiss The Ground
Arundhati Roy | The Global Goals
The Pandemic is A Portal
Damon Gameau I 2040 Documentary
2040 Trailer
Stop Ecocide
Can you Imagine?
Mac Macartney
The Children's Fire
Choose Life Now | The Global Goals
Choose Life
The Great Realisation
BBC Newtopias
Imagine The Future Beyond Fossil Fuels
Angela Oguntala
Re-imagine the Future
Ferdinando Buscema
Girl's first ski jump
Joel Pett
What if it’s a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing
One Zero |
Nike and Boeing are paying Sci-Fi writers to predict their futures
Global Optimism
Nature's Biographic June, 2050